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You can take many roads to your destination and there can be a lot of solutions to a problem, but I'm here to offer you 110% improvement, without medication and without trial & error! How is that even possible?

I'm glad you asked!

95% of our day is ran by our subconscious mind. Without updating your subconscious, limiting beliefs you will just keep going back to the same unhelpful patterns over and over again. I want to make sure you have freedom and relief from your problems, but I can't do this all on my own. I need you to fight along side with me. This accounts for a crucial 5% of the lasting success we will achieve and I need you to:

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Follow the instructions I provide

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Implement what you learn

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Get back up when you fall down


Trust in your abilities

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Hold yourself accountable


The remaining 10% is going to come from implementing my 10 Tools To Conquer Your Conscious Mind. 

That adds up to exactly 110% improvement! I want to make sure you are ALL SET.

To solve any issue, we first need to become aware of it. Once we've done that, we can look into what is causing it and then proceed to lift the limiting beliefs.

I will also ensure that you start your day with the right mindset and have great momentum for your day. We will embed new and empowering beliefs, and as mentioned use the 10 Tools to conquer the conscious part of the mind as well. This is the most comprehensive package you will find to achieve your goals and to have lasting results!


                                                                        Empower your employees! 

Support them through tough times, so they can be the strong backbone of your company.

With the help of Noble Knowhow you can have productive, reliable, confident employees with a can do attitude. Whether it's the aftereffects of the pandemic or other emotional issues your employees are struggling with, I can help you get them back to work with just 1 to 3 sessions. Mental ill health in the UK accounts for over 70 million lost working days each year. Do what's best for you and your employees!

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Book a free corporate consultation here!

Support your staff!


Noble Knowhow will help you get absolute clarity on your goals, help you understand what's been holding you back so far, and how to harness the power of incredible your mind to finally achieve your goals. It's time to make your dreams, your reality! We will eliminate the endless confusion, provide a powerful roadmap and all the tools you need to take your life to the next level! I'll be your very own GPS to success.

Book a free discovery call today and find out how I can help you with what ever may be troubling you. With the help of hypnotherapy we uncover the root cause of any issue, unresolved trauma and help you transform your life! Go ahead, take a chance!

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In the Committed To Improvement package you get:

·        20 min consultation call

·        1hour coaching session

·        an audio recording specifically tailored to the issue we discuss in the consultation

·        10 Tools for Conquering the Conscious Mind

·        Check In after 10 days

Fancy Box

In the 110% Improvement package you get:

·        20 min consultation call

·        1h 30 min RTT session

·        Meditation guidance

·        an audio recoding specifically tailored to the issue we discuss in the consultation

·        10 Tools for Conquering the Conscious Mind

·        Check In after 10 & 28 days

Packaging boxes

In the Fighting For Improvement package you get:

·        30 min consultation call

·        an audio recording specifically tailored  to the issue we discuss in the consultation

·        Check In after 10 days

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