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Feedback from clients...

-Hayley Hill

"I came to Eszter with success and money blocks. I had little to no confidence in running my business and I was seriously struggling to make ends meet. I already had a suspicion as to where my issues were coming from but she uncovered very strange beliefs about myself that I didn't even realise I had. After having listened to the recording for a few weeks, I kept noticing a lot of improvements. My self worth and belief in myself has grown tremendously.

My business is booming and I am making really good money, all thanks to her!"

-H. Barton

"Working with Eszter has changed my life -prior to her help, my short term memory was non-existent, but since having the RTT session together everyone keeps telling me that I have the best recall they've even witnessed!"

-Oliver O.

"I feel so much better since having the session. I was treated for depression. I really like the recording I received. It's really good. I feel better than I have in a long time. The negative thoughts have pretty much gone away and it's making everything much easier."

-Maggie K.

"I had such a lovely session with Eszter. All the advice she gave me was said really nicely. It was a really good session - I loved her voice, it was so relaxing. She really took her time to understand my issue.

She treated me for a skin condition and the connections she made between my emotional problems and how it was effecting me physically was just brilliant! Perfect session, it was just brilliant.

It all made so much sense. I am amazed! "

-Meghan M.

"I just wanted to say thank you very much again for our session.  I have had a lot to process over the past few days – I could never have guessed how much could have come up in the session, it was incredibly powerful.  


Since then, I have really noticed some significant shifts in my behaviour, which whilst unfamiliar, feels REALLY GOOD.  I have sensed a new groundedness in myself, and a sense of worthiness that exceeds anything I have felt before.

Thank you for your guidance through a really emotional and empowering session.  Your gentle support and insight really helped me connect so many different threads I had never been before been able to pull together into a cohesive whole.  

It really was a mind-blowing session and I can’t thank you enough for providing a safe space for me to go so deeply and so vulnerably."

-Anna P.

"The session was very interesting, I didn't know what to expect.

She helped me uncover some very strange beliefs I have been carrying around since my early childhood. The session really helped push negative thoughts and the anxiety away. I've noticed big changes in me since. The recording helped me to believe in myself and most of all to respect myself!"

-K. Wolfgang

"I was in a really bad place and knew I needed help. I have found a therapist through work and have had a few sessions. Once I worked with Eszter though, everything changed. She treated me for self loathing and severe depression

Just after one session with her I felt so much better already, even my other therapist noticed a change in me right away. 

I love the recording, I feel so much better about myself. Waking up in the morning has become so much easier as well. I've since had the confidence to change my job and my life has improved so much!!"

-Bill L.

"It was a very interesting experience, having the RTT session. I've never had hypnotherapy before but as she was speaking about it, she was so passionate, I knew right away that I really wanted to try it!

It was a very nice experience, I felt as if I was floating, as if I left my body almost and was floating above it.

Before the session I had quite bad social anxiety but after just one session I felt free, as if I now had the permission to be myself. I accept myself for who I am a lot more now."

-Nicholas N.

"I have been thinking about finding a therapist for a while and I have never heard about RTT before I spoke to Eszter, but she was so passionate and knowledgeable, I thought I will give it a try.

I was a bit nervous to begin with but she explained it all so well, I knew I was in good hands. I remember feeling so much lighter after the session and strangely happy... I didn't think that my attitude towards myself could change so quickly... I've been struggling for many years. I needed a mindset shift!

I especially enjoyed that she kept in contact and made sure I was doing alright even weeks after the session. I really appreciated that."  

-Ellen O.

"I've had a great session with Eszter. I am a therapist myself and thought I had a great understanding of how we... tick as humans but the session with her helped me so much! She offered me fantastic insight and she's very knowledgeable. She helped me eliminate my anxiety around getting into a new relationship. She helped me immensely to get into the right mindset."

-Emilia H.

"It was really great working with Eszter, it felt like she understood my problem exactly and immediately. She made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoy the recording she made me. Her voice is very soothing and she created a very personalised & powerful message. I absolutely recommend working with her!"

-Gillian. P

"I've had 2 sessions with Eszter and they were both wonderful. The first session brought up a lot of emotions. It felt really good to let it all out. 

I felt much calmer and better after the session, much more in tune with myself. I've recommended her to my friends as well."

-Julia D

"Hi everyone, 
I would like to leave this feedback about Eszter and her work. Eszter helped me a lot, she is very skilled and caring person.

When I had my son my life turned upside down in a good way and also not in the best way.. no sleep, constant stress, no time for myself and no help really affected my mental and physical health. I spoke to doctors, family and friends but its wasn't enough... then one of my friends recommended me Eszter and her hypnotherapy.. I was ready to try anything what can help me, so I went for it and didn't regret.. I had 2 sessions with Eszter and both of them were very personal and emotional, but Eszter patiently listened to me full of empathy. Her recordings, which I am still listening helped me with sleep, with my emotions and other things in my head. Also speaking to Eszter made a lot of sense in why I am feeling how I am feeling. 

So, if you have any struggles and you need help please get in touch with Eszter. She is what you need. She is passionate about what she is doing and that is very important when it comes to helping people.  
Thank you Eszter, for helping me in such a difficult time" ❤

-Margaret Koenig

"I had a wonderful session with Eszter, simply brilliant. I went to her with serious trust issues. Not trusting myself or anyone else. Immediately after the session, I felt calmer, stronger and settled. I feel that I got a proper explanation for where my problems were coming from.

She is so patient, I felt really heard and understood."

-Martin P.


"Since the session, I've been feeling really good. Lots of changes to my life and behaviour since. 

Definitely don't feel the obvious pull of self-esteem problems, like the mental desire to chase women and get really drunk. 

Those were the things that were worrying me the most really. 

I'm very happy with the way things are going!"

-Geraldine M.

"I couldn't recommend Ms Noble more! I was a bit hesitant when we first met, however she took the time to explain the process - what we were going to do, what she would say, what I would feel. We also had an in-depth conversation about my concern, and she did not pass any judgement, on the contrary, she was very kind and understanding.


I followed Ms Nobel's instructions after our initial meeting and at first wasn't sure it was working, but after the first week I realised that the sharpness of my issue was smoothed out. I hadn't noticed it at first because I was simply feeling good. The recordings have really helped me refocus and dedicate time to myself and my personal healing.

The fact that I could choose when to listen to them without having to make any extra preparations has mean that I could really stick to the plan." 

-John Powell

"I came to Eszter with a shopping list of issues really. I've been struggling with anxiety for years, trust, anger issues & grief. She is incredibly knowledgeable and so patient. I've had so many A-HA moments already and she opened my eyes to so much!

 I realise that change doesn't happen overnight, and it will take some time, but I finally feel confident and hopeful for the first time in years. Eszter is very supportive and kind but at the same time, she gets to the point. She's direct and I appreciate that!"

-Hunter Preston

"I had a very traumatic childhood, and I was well aware that I had issues, I just didn't know how to move forward. Eszter helped me understand what I believed about myself and how I got to that point, and how all of that was affecting me. She put so much time, care and effort into my session, I am very grateful and have noticed a massive change! My anxiety has improved a lot."

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