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Transform Your Life With Clinical Hypnotherapy – Brainz Magazine Interview With Eszter Noble

Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better. 

Eszter Nob

My name is Eszter, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, very passionate about helping people become a better version of themselves. I studied with the world-renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer who truly had a tremendous impact on my life and that is exactly what I wish to do for others. Before I became a hypnotherapist, I worked for a Fortune 500 company in technical and sales support. When I told my family many years ago about my career change, my mother immediately became concerned and wondered how I would cope with all the trauma and emotional issues I would be around. My answer was simple. I told her I will always focus on the transformation and the healing I am providing to my clients, not their past. It’s truly rewarding, I love every moment of it.

When I’m not at the clinic, I enjoy going to classic car shows, I love horse riding, watching show jumping, riding competitions. I’ve been trying to limit my screen time, but I do love watching a good interview, love listening to a podcast while walking.


What motivated you to establish Noble Knowhow Ltd., and what is the core mission or vision behind the company?

I still remember the exact moment when I was sat in my bed, just before midnight on a Thursday evening, I had a perfect life on paper and yet I thought to myself:

“If I don’t wake up tomorrow morning, so what? Who cares?” I felt so lost, so empty.

Sure, my family would miss me, but we see each other twice a year, if we’re lucky. They’ll be alright. I felt like my life had no meaning, I didn’t have much of a purpose, and I was certainly replaceable at the giant corporate company I was working for at the time.

I never wanted to feel that way again and using a gratitude journal in the evenings just wasn’t enough to solve the problem. I didn’t want anyone else to feel that way either.

My mission is to empower people, to show them how to get out of their own way, because our limitations are self-imposed. I am here to take the taboo out of therapy because there is nothing shameful about getting help. We can all use some support. I feel that there is still a stigma associated with therapy and to me, that is absolutely unacceptable in this day and age.


Could you elaborate on the range of services or products offered by Noble Knowhow Ltd., and how they cater to the needs of your target audience?

Noble Knowhwow offers Rapid Transformational Therapy®, Coaching, and Corporate Counselling. I specialize in anxiety, fears, and depression.

Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT® is an amazing method that combines the most effective techniques from CBT, NLP, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy, with the ability to give you freedom from your issues and offers permanent, lasting solutions. ​

RTT® allows us to work directly with the subconscious mind where all our beliefs are stored. The reality is that 95% of the day our subconscious mind is in control and running the show. You guessed it, that leaves only 5% of our daily decisions to the thinking/ conscious mind. That's astounding. And that is exactly why it can be so difficult to achieve change in our behaviours on a more permanent level.

I offer coaching, because often people find it difficult to move forward with a new identity, a new way of feeling and being. It’s unfamiliar and it can be intimidating.

Having worked in the corporate world for some years, I understand exactly what it means to be under pressure daily, to have to perform and achieve more and more. Certainly, there are great leaders and wonderfully designed environments but in far too many cases the constant scrutiny, the lack of autonomy, the feeling that you are just a replaceable number, can have very detrimental effects on people. On the other hand, my method also allows leaders to take good care of their valued employees and offer them the support they require, so that being signed of for months due to stress becomes unnecessary.


How does Noble Knowhow Ltd. differentiate itself from competitors in the industry, both in terms of offerings and customer experience?

I would say that people should come to me if they are not afraid of some tough-love-therapy. I hold my clients accountable; I truly believe in everyone’s ability to change and to achieve greatness. I will usually warn them, tell them that the brutal honesty is about to be served, and they appreciate it. I tell them what they maybe weren’t expecting to hear but absolutely needed to! Sugar-coating has no place in my therapy room!

My way of working is also highly tailored to my client’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all. I quickly gauge what works best for the individual and adapt accordingly. Healing is such an incredibly personal experience and just because I like to go full speed ahead, it doesn’t mean that others do as well. I always respect my clients’ decisions and choices.


What is one thing you wish all your clients knew?

I wish my clients and everyone else for that matter, realised that no one is coming to save them. Of course, I am there to help and support them in their journey, but they have to do a lot of the work with me. Unfortunately, some people think that when they come to therapy, I extract the problem and throw it in the bin. Job done.

I absolutely find the root cause of every issue, provide tools and techniques to heal and move forward but I cannot do it alone. I need my client’s full commitment and participation. We were all born pure, lovable, worthy and knowing all of that. As we start to grow up though, others, our environment will dent our confidence, scar us, cause us trauma, but it is still up to us to save ourselves. No one is coming to our rescue. Even when we have loving and supportive people around us, it’s the moment we choose to speak up, to share our pain that will allow the healing to begin. It starts and ends with us.


What are some factors you consider important for your client’s success?

Easy – LSD! Allow me to elaborate.

Before anyone walks into my office or joins a call, they must be willing to:

  • Let go of their ego! Leave it at the door and do not bring it along. I always encourage extreme ownership of the choices and decisions made. We can only ever worry about what we have control over, and the ego needs to be set aside.

  • Self-image optimization is another crucial element we cannot move forward without. You cannot keep seeing yourself as the old, hurt version of yourself and expect to change, to move forward. You must upgrade your self-image. Finally,

  • Determination to tell yourself a better story regularly. Your past does not have to define you! Your mind will always want to pull you back into your comfort zone, into that what is familiar and deemed safe, but you must fight it.


You specialize in anxiety and depression. Is there anything new or perhaps unusual about your approach?

I would say that most people underestimate the importance of a clean diet/ nutrition.

Of course, both anxiety and depression are very complex issues however, I truly believe that the significance of nutrition, how we feed our bodies is wildly underestimated.

The reality is, even if the avocado doesn’t save the day, it’s much better than eating a candy bar or starting your day with ultra-processed ‘foods’.

I’ve heard people dealing with anxiety say that they must have a drink to take the edge off, to allow their true personality to shine through but they don’t realise or take into consideration, all the harm alcohol is causing. It will lead to more anxiety, both in the short and long-term. It may help in the moment, but alcohol can lead to increased anxiety the next day: a phenomenon also known as 'hangxiety'. So, is it really worth it?


What strategies does Noble Knowhow Ltd. employ to stay updated with industry trends and emerging technologies to better serve its clients?

I love learning and investing in myself. I am so passionate about learning from industry and thought leaders, I always want the best for myself and my clients. For me, learning and understanding how others approach therapy is fascinating and I actually find it relaxing. I also enjoy picking up knowledge from people who aren't directly related to therapy. For instance, I love learning from lawyers, politicians, studying negotiation skills. The reality is that being a business owner is so complex. Therapy is just one part of it all.


What is a valuable lesson you learned recently or long ago?

Speaking of unconventional people to learn from, I remember learning a very valuable lesson from watching drag queens. They would put on the most beautiful gowns, ostentatious outfits, the most gorgeous makeup and say that it gives them a sort of superpower. In drag, they can be brave, face any challenge, stand tall and face the world proudly. I’ve heard this a few times and one day started to give it a bit more thought. I wondered if I could somehow adapt some form of it, apply it in a way to make me feel like a superhero, for those moments when self-doubt creeps in. I then realized that it’s all about permission. I am the one who needs to give myself permission to stand tall, to own the room, to shine. Putting on a power suit is only a small part of it. I have to wear it and not the other way around. Again, it all starts and ends with us.

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